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  • Meeting analytics: The future of managing event data is here

    By John Santaferraro As live events move from digital distraction to digital engagement, analytic potential explodes. We have reached a point where the data being generated by applications is now more valuable than the app itself. According to the Nucleus Research study in 2014, for $1.00 invested in analytics there is a $13.01 return on that investment. With this kind of prize at the end of the analytic journey, analytics will be the big live meeting winner in 2017. Strap…

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  • Event technology trends 2016

    Preparing for the digital transformation By Richard Maranville and Wilson Tang There are no “take twos” in live events. We work in an industry in which perfection in execution is an absolute must. We are predisposed to keeping tried-and-true systems in place because they have worked for years and, in several cases, decades. So why fix what isn’t broken? The challenge now is that demographics are changing. Recently becoming the largest demographic group in the Canadian workforce, Millennials – a.k.a.…

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