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  • Treat attendees to a day at the Bronx Zoo

    In 1967, the iconic New Yorkers Simon and Garfunkel released a song “At The Zoo” in which they sang “It’s all happening at the zoo.”  It is perhaps a little late, but I am happy to report that it is true for the Bronx Zoo in New York. I confess that for many years I did not know that there was a Bronx Zoo. Whenever I heard the Bronx Zoo mentioned, it was in reference to Yankee Stadium. It was…

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  • Event logistics for a mindful experience

    By Leanne Andrecyk Logistics: the process of planning, organizing and managing activities. Born from the military arts, it is the essence of the event industry and the most important element of the craft.  A true master of logistics can take event management from an activity to a scientific discipline. Event logistics can encompass all planning phases of an event; however the focus of this article is on the end game: the logistics of event execution with guest participation in mind.…

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