Corporate Meetings & Events: Corporate Planning Guide


Click cover image for digital edition

Click cover image for digital edition

Best practices for site selection and sourcing corporate meetings and events
Jennifer Glynn and Joe Nishi share insights on key points to consider when sourcing your next program either with a professional partner or by yourself.

Powering your programs: Nine data sources for revving up your event measurement

Tips for hiring the best keynote speaker for your next event

Choosing a new meeting destination: It’s all in the details

Corporate event catering ideas that exceed guest expectations

Meeting analytics: The future of managing event data is here

Using video to help your clients get more from their next event

Planning and making the most of your Toronto city visit

Leveraging the power of choice within corporate events

Selecting the right mobile event app

Meeting planner profile: Roberta Dexter, Plan Ahead Events

Five areas to watch for reducing risk in business event planning

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