A New Chapter at Centre Mont-Royal

Q&A with the Montreal venues new general manager 19 years after joining Centre Mont-Royal’s founding team, Luis Ribeiro is now general manager of the iconic Montreal venue. We reached out to learn his plans and discover what’s next for the … Continue reading

How to make innovation simple

In the face of today’s fast-moving, highly-volatile business world and the ongoing disruptions it brings, many businesses and individuals continue to struggle with the concept of innovation. But according to leading experts (and Merriam Webster’s dictionary), innovation is far simpler … Continue reading

MPI 2018 International Board slates announced

Meeting Professionals International (MPI) has announced the approved slate for its 2018 International Board of Directors and the 2018 MPI Foundation Global Board of Trustees. “I am very proud of the interest received from our membership to be part of … Continue reading