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  • Meeting the challenge: Three Canadian corporate planners weigh in on the top industry issues

    From shrinking budgets to the social media revolution, today’s corporate meeting and event planners are faced with a multitude of constantly shifting priorities and unique challenges. How are some of Canada’s top corporate planners meeting these challenges and devising solutions for their respective organizations? Join the conversation as CM&E checks in with three leading planners in the Canadian corporate meetings industry and gets them to weigh in on some of today’s most pressing issues. Corporate Planner Q&A Panel: Fiona Marshall-White,…

  • Top 10 food and wine apps for event planning

    Whether planning a function for 2,000 or a private event for 20, event planners are turning to mobile apps to facilitate the planning of special functions. With new food and wine apps launching daily, it is easy to become overwhelmed. The team at selects the top 10 food and wine apps for meetings and events to help with the process. 10. Wine Info is the perfect wine app for wine enthusiasts and novices alike because it offers…

  • Site Index examines the vital role of social media in the motivational events industry

    The Site International Foundation has released the results of the Site Index: Focus on Technology and Social Media. The study examines the ever-changing role of technology in the incentive travel and motivational events industry and concentrates on the use of social media in designing, promoting and delivering programs and events. The previous Site Index Technology study was conducted in 2010, and this latest study clearly shows that new technology and social media are playing a vital role in the industry.…

  • QR code mistakes and how to avoid them for your event promotions

    There’s a lot of chatter about whether QR codes (2D barcodes) are a technology for the future or are they just another fad. Here’s my take: I think they are still a viable technology for use in marketing and events in the future. The up and coming technology that could replace some QR code use is NFC (near field communications). However, that is a more sophisticated technology, the set up of which is out of the comfort zone of many…

  • Don’t worry, be Appy: Seven tips to elevate your game with mobile event applications

    “Are we there yet?” Little Johnny is kicking the back of the seat, obviously bored, the seatbelt rubbing against the side of his flushed face, his patience long abandoned. If you are a planner who has resisted embracing the plethora of mobile event application opportunities available, chances are your attendees are feeling like “Little Johnny”. In a technological world that is spinning faster and faster, if you are not including even the simplest of event applications or social media technology,…

  • What’s hot and what’s not in tech promotional products

    In the day and age we’re in, one might naturally think that all manner of electronic, computer and tech gadgetry would be the “it” promotions to have. That may or may not be the best choice. Let’s look at the numbers.

  • Generation next: Are demographic shifts having an impact on meetings?

    While younger generations, commonly referred to as Generation X and Y, together outnumber boomers, they do not have the experience or aren’t necessarily interested in replacing boomers in certain sectors. Industry groups from tourism to petroleum are warning of labour shortages starting as early as 2013. So what does this have to do with meetings? If bringing people face-to-face is meant to facilitate learning and change, motivating and engaging employees, demographic shifts may represent important challenges to the way meetings and events are planned.

  • How to get real value out of taking events virtual

    In the events world, the word “virtual” seems to be about as popular and powerful as “cloud” is in the IT space. In other words, it’s being thrown on just about everything that has some sort of online component.

  • Assessing trends in AV technology for corporate meetings and events

    While some believe that the evolution of meetings technology is accelerating at a staggering pace – with the recent influx of event mobile apps and the use of social media to provide a virtual voice to attendees in real time – others argue that these fads come and go. The fact is, however, that the core AV solutions haven’t changed much for many years.

  • Top 10 green meeting apps

    Joseph Lo, Meeting Appspert and Kirsten Strand, BSc, CITE, CMM, LEED Green Associate select the top 10 green meeting apps. Knowledge is the key towards sustainability and increased social responsibility. Whether your goal is to decrease CO2 emissions, travel-related fuel consumption or paper usage, the following smart phone apps will assist meeting planners in operating a green meeting.

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