Event Operations

  • AV insights for effective speaker performance

    A great guest speaker performance is crucial to the success of any conference. Event planners go to great lengths to ensure that the speaker is comfortable. This mindfulness of the speaker’s comfort should include their audiovisual support. Video comfort monitor A video comfort monitor is a video monitor that can easily be viewed by the speaker from the stage or podium. Usually the monitor is at the foot of the stage mounted in a wedge formation. This…

  • Social media marketing for destination management companies

    In the era of ever changing communication media and rapid technological advancement, companies are now dedicating a growing portion of their marketing campaigns to social media platforms. Large corporations have created positions for full time community managers, and companies dedicated to content management are being created everywhere. One may wonder how destination management companies (DMCs) should position themselves and what should be their approach to a social media marketing campaign. …

  • Meeting Conference Design

    Utilizing the brainpower of your audience to reach corporate goals and objectives is a lofty goal. Tips on how to design a conference to do just that.

  • Canada’s got game

    Not quite the glitz of Las Vegas and unable to match the opulence of Monte Carlo, Canada is nonetheless quietly establishing a reputation for itself as a gamblers’ paradise.

  • A well-defined theme is a must in planning meetings

    Anyone burdened with the task of planning a meeting or conference knows that the first stumbling block in the overall process is coming up with a knockout theme. Without a clear and concise theme for the session you are dead in the water.

  • Seeking the wow factor

    Gone are the days when meeting participants are content with sitting through hour after hour of mind-numbing meetings accompanied by overhead projections, PowerPoint presentations and droll introductory jokes.

  • How the role of speakers’ bureaus and agencies has changed for meeting professional

    When we started Speakers’ Spotlight in 1995, the world was a much different place. The Internet was in its infancy, nobody I knew had an e-mail address, and “social media” were two words rarely used in the same sentence. The role of speakers’ bureaus and agencies was very much that of a gatekeeper. They had rolodexes with speakers’ telephone numbers, and if a meeting professional or conference organizer wanted to book a particular speaker, unless they happened to know them personally, they pretty much had to go through an agency.

  • Webcasting 101

    Webcasting is an increasingly important communications medium for the event planner. Webcasting does not replace traditional events. The technology is meant to extend the reach and participation of an event, no matter their geographic location or availability. Webcasting also offers features that traditional meetings do not have.

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