Event Operations

  • Nine suggestions for planning your next gala event

    One of my clients has asked me to organize a gala evening in celebration of an important corporate milestone. Absolutely, I say, but I do have a few (quite a few!) questions. Can we meet to review the details?

  • MPI creating breakthrough sustainability leadership with association industry’s first Global Reporting Initiative™ event report

    Meeting Professionals International (MPI) and its Foundation is committed to thought leadership in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability efforts. In demonstration of that, MPI is setting the example for standards-based reporting that everyone in the industry – no matter how large or small the event – can use to benchmark their own reporting programs.

  • Ten tips for your next conference

    Conferences are hard work. From developing the creative treatments to establishing milestones and timelines, planning ahead can make all the difference in the world. When planning a conference, there are specific guidelines that you should always follow in order for it to run smoothly. Here are 10 tips that will help you plan and run a successful conference.

  • A new sheriff in town: Canada’s anti-spam legislation, part two

    When Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), Bill C-28, was passed in December 2010, almost no one took notice. Business groups such as the Canadian Marketing Association were still meeting with federal officials to see how the spirit of the law would be applied and regulated. Now that we are told the law should be effective in mid-2012, the challenge is to make sure your email marketing practices comply with the legislation.

  • Site selection made simple

    One of the first tasks meeting planners are charged with is to choose an appropriate venue that ensures a successful event on all fronts. If careful consideration isn’t given to venue selection, it can spell failure of epic proportions. People might remember a terrific keynote speaker for a few days, but they’ll never forgive being shoehorned into a too-tight space with bad ventilation. Get the venue right, however, and you’ve set yourself up for success right out of the gate – with both delegates and those signing the cheques.

  • Audience Response Systems increase meeting productivity

    Meetings, conferences and training sessions are using Audience Response Systems (ARS) to quickly make group decisions and as a technique to keep audiences engaged. There are different types of ARS for different applications.

  • Four secrets to attracting top-notch leads at tradeshows and conferences

    Attracting people to a booth is usually not the problem. There are thousands of edible and visual enticing things to which people can be drawn. By attracting people who are looking for something free, you are not able to effectively identify, engage and nurture those high quality leads. These types of problems are all too familiar to event solutions companies who coordinate tradeshows, conventions and conferences.

  • Top seven benefits of working with a Convention and Visitors Bureau

    When working with meetings industry organizations, it has surprised me how little corporate meeting and event planners usually take advantage of the services offered by tourism offices – a.k.a. Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVBs) or Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs). Even planners who organize multiple events and have relationships with large hotel companies through a national or global sales office tend overlook the benefits of working with a destination CVB.

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