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  • King of desserts

    As the multitude of guests begins making its weekly pilgrimage to Winnipeg’s historic Fort Garry Hotel to partake of its epic Sunday brunch, Richard Warren is busy rallying his brigade of talented pastry chefs who will soon be serving their delectable creations to hundreds of hungry diners in search of the perfect dessert.

  • Taste the four seasons: how food preservation can add local flavour to your event menus year-round

    If you are a sustainable meeting planner who has an event (large or small) happening in the very early spring, you should be thinking about winter and how it might effect your “locally grown” menu selection. There will be minimal quantities of local, fresh produce available in the early spring, and that presents a bit of a problem for those who want to showcase regional, seasonal items.

  • Local food in an urban setting: Why a rooftop vegetable garden makes sense

    Neatly tucked away under a tidy pergola, rows upon rows of fresh green herbs peek up from their pots and arch towards the clear downtown sky. Basil, thyme, rosemary, lavender, parsley and myriad other herbs bask in the heat of their new home, high atop the roof of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. It started as a bit of a dream, which became a concept, and then a project. Just a few weeks ago, the doors to the roof were opened and the rooftop garden was finally planted.

  • Top five nutrition tips for a productive work day

    Do you ever feel like a firefighter? Running from one crisis to another, trying to save the day…or your event? Well, firefighters need to take care of themselves, and this includes eating right to stay in tip top shape. Proper nutrition helps prepare firefighters to jump into action when needed. And, we all know anyone whoever plans events is constantly jumping into action!

  • The golden moment: when social responsibility becomes profitable

    Lately we have seen an influx of stories in the media about very large corporations taking large steps towards becoming better corporate citizens. Whether it’s through green initiatives, buying local food, or demanding meat from more humane sources, large companies are hearing what used to be small blips on the radar, and shouting it from the rooftops. People want better, are demanding better, and companies are listening. Of course, doing the “right thing” must also be the right thing for the business. There is that golden moment when social responsibility becomes profitable, and that’s when real change can happen. So, what’s wrong with that?

  • launches Club Sandwich Index to measure international destination affordability

    The club sandwich is a classic. It’s one of those comfort items on menus across the world that no matter where you are, it can make you feel at home. But this popular sandwich, like all food, can vary when it comes to price.® knows the cost of eating can have a big impact on your travel budget and where you decide to go. So using the club sandwich as a benchmark for food costs, the travel experts put together a list of sandwich prices in Canadians’ favourite travel destinations as revealed by the Hotel Price Index™ (HPI™).

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