A/V & Special Effects

  • Audience Response Systems increase meeting productivity

    Meetings, conferences and training sessions are using Audience Response Systems (ARS) to quickly make group decisions and as a technique to keep audiences engaged. There are different types of ARS for different applications.

  • Tackling audiovisual challenges at unique venues

    Unique venues are great to pique the interest of delegates and can offer creative opportunities to incorporate the venue into a theme or message relevant to your group. Unfortunately, those very same virtues can also create a host of audiovisual challenges.

  • AV insights for effective speaker performance

    A great guest speaker performance is crucial to the success of any conference. Event planners go to great lengths to ensure that the speaker is comfortable. This mindfulness of the speaker’s comfort should include their audiovisual support. Video comfort monitor A video comfort monitor is a video monitor that can easily be viewed by the speaker from the stage or podium. Usually the monitor is at the foot of the stage mounted in a wedge formation. This…

  • Webcasting 101

    Webcasting is an increasingly important communications medium for the event planner. Webcasting does not replace traditional events. The technology is meant to extend the reach and participation of an event, no matter their geographic location or availability. Webcasting also offers features that traditional meetings do not have.

  • Checking off site inspection concerns

    A site inspection is a critical part of event planning and audiovisual design. Armed with pen, paper and a digital camera, you are prepared for your site inspection.

  • Projection screen selection

    The type of projection screen system that is best suited for meetings and conferences is determined by the venue, budget and most importantly, the goals of the event.

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