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  • What’s on the horizon for event technology?

    By Andrew De La Cour and Derek Anderson It is safe to assume that the technologies most in demand by meeting planners this year foreshadow what’s to come. Most notably, there were three standout event technology solutions last year that created a buzz among meeting professionals. Of the three, only a couple were embraced by your peers – the other, not so much. Here’s a recap. Video dominated information consumption methods at events. Whether it was shaky camera phone images…

  • Supplier viewpoint: The rewards and challenges of meetings industry suppliers

    Penni Holdham, CSEP, Creative Director, The Display Connection Inc. Heidi Welker, Vice President, Marketing, AVW-TELAV Audio Visual Solutions What are some of the challenges of working in the meetings industry and how can these challenges be addressed? Penni Holdham: The current do-it-yourself trend among event and meeting planners can offer up some awkward moments that can be easily averted with full disclosure and proper communication. There is no question that with tighter end-user budgets, the planner is looking to make…

  • Emerging display technologies

    The big picture of video innovation As visual communications technology continues to further define itself, the meetings and events industry is reaping the benefits of a diverse range of interactive display solutions. Practically impossible to ignore, these cutting-edge technologies create striking visuals and powerful presentations that leave a lasting impression. Picture-perfect puzzle pieces Looking to give your next meeting a maximum-impact, high-tech visual edge? Think outside of the rectangle with a customized video wall. A video wall consists of multiple…

  • Neuroscience and your meetings

    The understanding of neuroscience behind meeting planning has had more attention in the past year than at any time in the history of meetings. With so much on our plates already, why is it important to understand how this research impacts us? Each of our attendees comes to the meeting with expectations including the needs for education and connection that have to be met, and a hosting organization that is seeking to be the thought leader is to provide these…

  • Hybrid meetings: Bringing technology and live audiences together

    Years ago, if someone mentioned the word “hybrid,” it could easily have been your grandmother talking about her prize-winning orchids. Today, not only has the term hybrid become synonymous with fuel-efficient cars and trucks, but it has also made its way into the world of corporate meeting and event planning. In fact, the hybrid meeting is something that is becoming more and more common as we continue to blur the lines between live events and online communication. For anyone still…

  • Assessing trends in AV technology for corporate meetings and events

    While some believe that the evolution of meetings technology is accelerating at a staggering pace – with the recent influx of event mobile apps and the use of social media to provide a virtual voice to attendees in real time – others argue that these fads come and go. The fact is, however, that the core AV solutions haven’t changed much for many years.

  • Tips for creating a blockbuster virtual environment

    With all the blockbuster science fiction movies that are made these days, it’s hard to believe that sci-fi was once consider second-tier or “B” movie material – suitable for summer release to drive-ins and not much else. It wasn’t until 1977, when George Lucas sprung a little movie called Star Wars on an unsuspecting public, that Hollywood began looking at science fiction as worth the investment.

  • Uniting people through technology

    When you’re in the business of uniting and engaging large groups of people from various walks of life in the same space, there are few tried-and-true methods you can bet your last buck on: scrumptious food, great entertainment and AV technology coupled with the right digital and presentation solutions.

  • Eight great examples to enhance your meetings with virtual technologies

    The explosion of virtual meetings and events is just ramping up and is expected to triple in the next five years. Through the convergence of technology, bandwidth and mobile devices, marketing managers, sales managers and meeting professionals will see not only more “virtual only meetings” but also a wide range of “hybrid meetings,” defined as a combination of face-to-face (f2f) and virtual attendees and components. These “live-plus” virtual events will dramatically change the face of the conference meeting, event and tradeshow industries. Get ready for a wild ride!

  • Ten critical tips for incorporating IT into your next meeting or event

    The main purpose of an event or a meeting is to have “face-to-face” engagement with the attendees. The meeting and event industry is in a transition period where event planners can increase attendee retention and maximize on extended audiences all around the world through electronic means. Anyone planning an event must be sure to let IT enhance the program, not swallow it! Events are based on “face-to-face” time with clients, peers and colleagues.

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