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Judy Kucharuk

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Judy Kucharuk is a green meeting specialist and owner of Footprint Management Systems Inc., a sustainable event planning and consultancy firm. Judy is a writer, speaker and meeting innovator, most recently launching a new conference session style known as Bl!nk. She is currently serving on the GMIC Canada Chapter in Formation Board as the incoming President.

Articles by Judy Kucharuk:

Green to the last drop: Five easy strategies to reduce the water footprint of your next event

You might be surprised to learn that my northern British Columbia community suffers from a water shortage almost every single year. Yes folks, it does happen in Canada. In fact, when many of you are enjoying the tender, emerging buds … Continue reading

The name game: What defines a green meeting or event?

“Green, Green, bo-been Banana-fana fo-feen Fee-Fi-mo-meen Green!” One of the biggest challenges facing proponents of the green meeting industry is the idea that a “green” meeting is something completely different from a “traditional” meeting. This misperception is perpetuated by many … Continue reading

Don’t worry, be Appy: Seven tips to elevate your game with mobile event applications

“Are we there yet?” Little Johnny is kicking the back of the seat, obviously bored, the seatbelt rubbing against the side of his flushed face, his patience long abandoned. If you are a planner who has resisted embracing the plethora … Continue reading

Walking the talk: Five tips for getting started with your corporate social responsibility plan

“Walking the talk”, “thinking outside the box” – both sayings make my teeth ache and a tiny vessel on the side of my head pulse ever so slightly. In fact, every time I catch myself saying or using these phrases, I envision a unicorn disappearing POOF! Continue reading