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Author: Joanna Lean

Joanna Lean has been in the meetings and events industry since 2007, sharing her passion for creating unique live experiences. She is a leader in designing, managing and executing high-level events for internal and external stakeholders in the financial sector. Her area of expertise is travel programs, which include incentive trips, conferences, golf tournaments, and road shows across North America and the Caribbean. 

Joanna is passionate about elevating the attendee experience by tapping into emotional engagement through strategic event choices. Dedicated to providing exceptional, once in a lifetime experiences she works to create the right environment to meet the goals and objectives of the event. Joanna also focuses on ensuring each event has the attendee leaving emotionally connected.  

Articles by Joanna Lean

  • How nature can boost your attendees’ experience

    It’s official – spring is here! With the warmer weather approaching, I am dreaming about those long walks in the park, fresh air and sunlight, and I am completely overcome with positive emotions. It’s little wonder why I am crushing hard for nature. Its health benefits are as old as time and with wellness being the most talked-about trend in the meeting industry, I wanted to explore how integrating nature into meetings and events can boost the overall attendee experience.…

  • The psychology of events: Why sticking to a schedule matters

    Have you ever wondered why you get so agitated sitting in a presentation longer than expected? Or why you are so relieved when it ends a few minutes earlier? To understand why this is the case, I interviewed Dr. Brynn Winegard, award-winning professor, brain science expert and keynote speaker. Dr. Winegard opened my eyes as to why sticking to a schedule matters more than you can imagine for the attendee experience. As event planners we know how important it is…

  • Helpful tips to answer event planning questions

    As an event planner, I wear many hats, mostly because of a bad hair day (already, I digress…). I manage a number of different areas within the events industry and work to provide exceptional service to my clients and build long lasting positive relationships with my suppliers. I have planned several large scale travel programs, and I tend to hear the same questions from my clients – the groups who are putting on the events. If you are a planner…