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Brent Taylor

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Brent Taylor, CMP, CMM is a Managing Partner at Timewise Event Management Inc. based in Edmonton, Alberta. He is very passionate about the meetings industry and believes strongly in education, professional development and setting industry standards. Connect with Brent online at www.twitter.com/brentjtaylor and www.linkedin.com/in/brentjtaylor.

Articles by Brent Taylor:

Six marketing tips to promote your next event

By Brent Taylor Let’s talk marketing. It seems today that there is a plethora of marketing materials, opinions and experts advising us on how to best market any product or service we have to offer. Why is that? Why is … Continue reading

Planning resilience: Facing today’s challenges as an event manager

Do you have the most stressful job? Each of us is faced with perpetual challenges in our workplace that seem to be continually increasing and adding to our stress levels. With the current climate of economic uncertainties, increasing workloads and … Continue reading

Building trust: What meeting planners want suppliers to understand

Meeting planners are hardworking, resilient and well-organized individuals who rely upon a variety of suppliers to deliver the meetings they manage. They face the stresses of orchestrating an endless array of tasks and suppliers into a seamlessly delivered meeting, conference … Continue reading

Six compelling reasons to outsource your meetings management

A well-delivered and effective meetings program will enhance the success of your organization. It will move you forward through connection, the exchange of ideas, the dissemination of information, and educational opportunities. Meetings help to build your business and the relationships … Continue reading

Helping stakeholders see the big picture of meetings value

Amid today’s challenging climate of economic uncertainty, more and more discussion about meetings and events is taking place in the corporate boardroom, where senior management teams are assessing the value those meetings bring to their business. For a professional meeting planner, knowing how to prove the value of tangible and intangible returns on a stakeholder’s investment is an enviable skill. Establishing the inherent value of meetings and how they tie in to corporate objectives is a critical component of the planning process, giving you the power to leverage that information with senior management and helping to justify their meetings investment. Continue reading

Five key essentials to meeting management success

Event management is a prestigious career choice. It is about more than party planning, creativity or décor. It is complex and encompasses project management, program design, measurement and evaluation, strategic development and so much more. Our industry is ready for talented individuals who understand this and want to achieve great things. Do you have what it takes? Here are some key essentials to finding success in managing meetings and events. Continue reading