About the Author:

Andrea Boulden

Andrea Boulden has been working in corporate meeting planning for over 20 years. She has spent the last three years in Employee Experience at TD Wealth managing a team of eight event professionals. Andrea is a member of the Meeting Professionals Against Human Trafficking committee working to create awareness of this important issue in our industry. Her articles will be mainly focused on how to incorporate the lens of diversity and inclusion into how we plan events. She feels that event planners have an opportunity to really bring this strategic priority to life by being proactive, thinking of all participants’ unique requirements and being open to making accommodations.

Articles by Andrea Boulden:

Ramadan is coming – Are you prepared?

Experienced meeting professionals know to check the calendar very carefully when choosing event dates. Statutory and religious holidays are simple – we need to just avoid them altogether! Examples of some dates that are completely off limits: Christmas, Easter, Yom … Continue reading