Inclusion, Diversity and Fresh Perspectives


Excerpt from Intentional Event Design, Our Professional Opportunity

As we see movement of our stakeholder expectations from event to experience in a world where global migration and ease of travel ensures a diverse mix of participants will be in attendance, we require a rethink of our traditional skill sets. While all the basic skills from budgeting, site selection, contracting, logistics and design must be solid, there is so much more.

Building Experience Delivery Teams

Who are the right people to build your event? It changes every time!

Building versatile, flexible teams tasked to deliver a unique symphony of design and movement is one of the great joys of being an event designer. It is also one of our greatest challenges, as we work to have clients understand that it takes a specialized team, and the value they each bring to the process, not just their price but the creative thinking, process management and exuberance to create memorable, data-rich experiences.

Designing for the New Reality

We live in a global economy and plan events for a great diversity of participants. We have an imperative to make events more accessible, consider local culture and craft inclusive experiences. The makeup of the planning team can assist you in creating inclusive experiences, as you draw from a variety of perspectives. Building a team of deeply experienced people and inviting those with less tactical experience but a fresh eye, with a mix of gender, age and cultural diversity will build a more inclusive and layered event, with broader appeal to your entire audience. If you create an open and creative environment with more people asking the beautiful questions about what will make this event more effective and purposeful for your guests, you are sure to make better decisions. Not always easier, but better.

As you bring together a team, consider your own company’s culture as well as the needs of your client. Consider experience and aptitude, but also attitude. What we do every day to meet the demands of clients and expectations of hosts and participants is incredibly challenging and everyone needs to be prepared for this. In the end, when we deliver a gasp-inducing, sharable and memory-making event for a group of any size, the magic has happened and our work here is done. Until the next event!

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