Freeman introduces industry-first open technology platform to facilitate connections across all points of the event ecosystem


New platform, Fuzion by Freeman, simplifies technology integration, enhances the attendee experience and advances the industry

Freeman, the leading global provider of brand experiences, has announced Fuzion(SM) by Freeman, an open product ecosystem that acts as a foundation between digital solutions, establishing a common language that allows them talk to each other. Fuzion solves industry-wide integration issues between digital tools by connecting data across all points of the event ecosystem to create a seamless experience for event organizers and attendees. Event organizers will have the power to choose best-in-class digital solutions that match their unique needs, and with Fuzion, integrating them will be simple.

This platform marks the next step in Freeman’s digital event technology investment. With Fuzion, technology integration will become increasingly easier, supporting continued technology adoption and advancing the industry as a whole. Combining data from disparate sources will also allow event organizers to have a more unified, meaningful view of their event and centralized analytics.

“Achieving true event technology integration that drives improved visibility and actionable insights is one of the biggest opportunities for our industry right now,” said Richard Maranville, executive vice president and chief digital officer of Freeman. “Fuzion is a forward-thinking, transformational technology solution that enables our partners to focus on what they do best and prioritize their customers.”

Fuzion will benefit event marketers and show organizers by:

  • Increasing attendee experience and satisfaction
  • Providing flexibility and enabling event technology adoption
  • Saving valuable time and resources

“Fuzion opens the doors for those looking for a solution that will save time, improve flexibility and drive better attendee experiences,” said Danielle Puceta, vice president of digital product and partnerships, Freeman. “Freeman’s goal is to develop common standards and a cohesive partner network that solves integration challenges for all association and corporate customers.”

For customers interested in how Fuzion can solve their integration challenges, they can visit to learn more.

For partners interested in joining the Fuzion partner network, they can submit inquiries through our developer portal at

Click here for more perspective from Richard Maranville on why making products work together is necessary to push event tech forward.

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