Air Canada to launch 11 international non-stop routes

Non-stop routes being introduced from Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal

Air Canada got its summer off to an early start on June 1 with the launch of two new international routes from Vancouver to Nagoya and Frankfurt, marking the beginning of the airline’s summer season. In total, the airline plans to launch 11 new international non-stop routes this summer from Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

“Nothing says summer like winging off to an exciting foreign destination, and Air Canada is pleased to offer its customers more options than ever this year. Through our ongoing international expansion, we are adding 11 new routes touching three continents beginning this summer. This includes exciting destinations in Asia such as Mumbai, Taipei and Nagoya; new cities in Europe, including Berlin, Marseille and Reykjavik; and our second city in Africa, Algiers,” said Benjamin Smith, President, Passenger Airlines at Air Canada.

The 11 new international services will be operated from Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal, either by Air Canada mainline, using Boeing 787-8/9 or Airbus A330-300 aircraft, or by Air Canada Rouge, flying Boeing 767-300ER or A319-100 aircraft. Two routes, Vancouver-Taipei and Toronto-Mumbai, will continue to operate year-round while the others are available for the summer season. These international additions to Air Canada’s network follow on new trans-border routes started this year from Vancouver to Boston, Denver and Dallas; from Toronto to Savannah, San Antonio, and Memphis and Montreal to Dallas; and, later this month, from Montreal to Washington Dulles.

The new international non-stop routes starting for summer 2017 include:

From Vancouver

Destination Start Date Aircraft Type Frequency
Frankfurt June 1, 2017 Boeing 787-8 (mainline) Daily (seasonal)
Nagoya June 1, 2017 Boeing 767-300ER (Rouge) Four-weekly (seasonal)
Taipei June 8, 2017 Boeing 787-9 (mainline) Daily (year-round)
London-Gatwick June 8, 2017 Boeing 767-300ER (Rouge) Three-weekly (seasonal)

From Toronto

Destination Start Date Aircraft Type Frequency
Berlin June 3, 2017 Boeing 767-300ER (Rouge) Four-weekly (seasonal)
Reykjavik June 21, 2017 Airbus A319-100 (Rouge) Four-weekly (seasonal)
Mumbai July 1, 2017 Boeing 787-9 (mainline) Four-weekly (year-round)

From Montreal

Destination Start Date Aircraft Type Frequency
Marseille June 9, 2017 Boeing 767-300ER (Rouge) Three-weekly (seasonal)
Tel Aviv June 22, 2017 Airbus A330-300 (mainline) Twice-weekly (seasonal)
Reykjavik June 23, 2017 Airbus A319-100 (Rouge) Three-weekly (seasonal)
Algiers July 1, 2017 Boeing 767-300ER (Rouge) Four-weekly (seasonal)


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