Egencia awards Top 100 Preferred Corporate Hotels for 2017

These global hotels put the customer first and make business feel more like pleasure.

Egencia, the business travel company of Expedia, Inc., has announced the 2017 hotel recipients of the annual Top 100 Preferred Corporate Hotel award.

The award recognizes the best hotels in the global Egencia marketplace, as judged by popularity, pricing, amenities attractive to corporate travelers, customer service, and overall guest experience.

Egencia serves as a trusted partner to a wide variety of travel brands. It plays a pivotal role, linking its lodging partners, from large hotel chains to independent hoteliers, access to a rapidly growing, forward-thinking customer base through its single technology platform.

Andrew Dyer, vice president of global lodging, media, consulting and sponsorship for Egencia, shared his enthusiasm for the program and our partnership with the winning hotels.

“It’s commendable that these hotels, without exception, had a 100% satisfaction rating from our travelers for the year-long period from Q4 of 2015 through Q3 of 2016. In our business we anticipate, and are prepared to resolve, any customer need. These hotels demonstrate that it is possible to put the customer first at all times, aligning perfectly with the Egencia philosophy and the expectations of our corporate travelers,” Mr. Dyer said.
Our 100 top hotels delivered the following amenities to Egencia clients and business travelers in 2016:

  • 93,907 room nights with free WiFi
  • 63,725 room nights with free breakfast
  • 70,982 room nights eligible for loyalty points

Recipient hotels are spread over 53 hotel brands. You can find the complete list of hotels, along with more detailed information about the program and the properties, by visiting

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