Engage your attendees by holding an island meeting in PEI

West Point lighthouse, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Your organization is planning what promises to be the conference of the year. The venue is expected to boast all the latest technological and digital platforms, the guest speakers are ready to deliver game-changing speeches, and the white papers are still crisp and warm from the photocopier. Having taken all the necessary steps on your end towards staging a successful conference, how do you keep your participants engaged and interested, ensuring they retain all pertinent information? You create a memorable experience.

When the medium is the message and the message is the meeting, many factors are at play in creating a comprehensive experience that promotes involvement, interaction and innovation. So what is it that garners attendee interest and attention, and how can you make the best of your participants’ experience? Bring them to Prince Edward Island – a location where they can gain professional advancement, soak in emotional gratification and then dig up some of the world’s best clams for dinner.

The way to your attendees’ hearts is through their stomachs

Treat your delegates to some of their most unforgettable meals and ensure that conference materials stay embedded in their minds. The food capital of Canada, PEI places great importance on serving local and organic products. So by treating your participants to an incredible feast at one of PEI’s beloved seafood restaurants, you will not only be tackling meeting goals and agendas over a hearty energizing meal, but also supporting sustainable practices in Canada’s food industry.

The key to optimal productivity is rest

Although logging endless hours of work at the office seems like the key to success in today’s incessantly fluctuating professional sphere, studies have shown that you actually get more done faster when you allow yourself to refuel. Stepping back and recharging is crucial, as mental and physical relaxation have been proven to increase productivity.

With no place on the island more than 16 kilometres from the sea, PEI has no shortage of serene locations where you can unwind with Mother Nature. Jump in the car with your delegates and drive across the island, exploring the long sandy beaches and ocean of foliage. Combining work with rest will allow you and your attendees to recharge your focus and restock both your physical and mental resources, allowing you to be your best and most productive self during the conference.

PEI’s adventures and events will bring you and your delegates closer together

As they say, team work makes the dream work. Coming together as a unified and closely knit group during a conference promotes a healthy team atmosphere. It makes all the difference between a mechanical experience and one that allows innovative ideas to flow from like-minded professionals.

In order to be on the same page, engagement and enthusiasm are crucial within the group. With Canadians celebrating the country’s 150th anniversary in 2017, cultural events and festivals are spilling out into the streets of PEI, offering something unique for every member of your team. If you or your participants want to unleash your inner explorer, then the aquatic expeditions are right up your alley. What better way to enjoy quality time with your delegates than during a giant bar clam dig or a lobster fishing excursion?

Dawn Donahue visited PEI for the Go Golf Event Management 2015 Familiarization Tour and has been reminiscing of her time there since. “Prince Edward Island is [so] welcoming and friendly [with] such great people! A beautiful island, with excellent meeting spaces, wonderful food and beverage, and great activities. It is a wonderful leisure destination. The next golf trip I organize will have PEI in the mix – food, fun, golf, scenery – it doesn’t get much better. [PEI gave me] hospitality that I will remember forever!”

Discover Canada’s top coastal destination with Meetings & Conventions PEI and amaze your conference attendees, associates and colleagues by taking them on the adventure of a lifetime.

To make sure you take in everything PEI has to offer next time you’re in town for a conference, visit www.meetingsandconventionspei.com.

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