Hiring for success: Important tips for making quality hires

Important tips for making quality hires

By Jenny Faucher

Making quality hires is crucial to the success of any organization, and missing one step can lead to headaches down the road. Here are some tips to ensure you keep ahead and focused on hiring the best person for your organization.

Take your time and cast a wide net

Invest time into the process. Start the process with the right mindset, and know that you won’t have someone hired in a few weeks. The process, if done right, can be very time consuming – even if you work with a third-party recruiter or agency. Going in with the right mindset will save you frustration over how long the process takes and from acting hastily on a hiring decision.

While casting a wide net will increase the volume of applicants, having a wide array of applicants will only help you to find the best one(s) out there. We like to change our recruitment mix from time to time vis-à-vis our job profile placements and strategy, and have exceeded our target outcomes regarding diversity and quality of hire.


Take a look at the top performers in your company. What are the qualities, attributes and skills that they have? Try to duplicate or mirror these in the people you are looking to hire. This takes time to think about, pinpoint and document. Encompass this thinking in the questions asked to candidates and in the conversations that take place during the interview. On the flip side, ensure you are screening out qualities that mirror undesirable attributes.

Always be enhancing your process. While we have our standard process and repertoire of questions we like to ask in interviews, we are always assessing the results of these questions and adding new and better questions with the objective to extract answers that link to personal values and key attributes that we look for. After an interview, we will usually add to the list of questions based on the conversation. In preparation for interviews, we will do the same.

Never stop assessing

Assessing candidates should be an ongoing and continual process. Quality checks will not only allow you to assess existing employees and how they are tracking in the first three months, but also allow you to improve the process for future hires.

We have a thorough pre-screening process that assesses our make-or-break criteria such as willingness to travel, language skills etc. Screening tools are a great way of making the recruitment process more efficient. If you are a larger firm and already using an applicant tracking system, this crucial step in the process is done for you.

Once the successful candidate starts on the job, assessing is not over. It is critical to continue to assess performance and provide real-time feedback on an ongoing basis. It is also important to assess alignment with your culture. Are they performing up to standards and according to how they have been trained? Are they taking constructive feedback and implementing it? Are they demonstrating critical thinking and integrating with their teams? Do they have a good understanding of the values of the organization, and are they demonstrating positive behaviours?

We all wish that recruiting was an exact science, but with the right steps and tools in place, the job can be made a lot easier and efficient in order to ensure everyone’s success.

About the author

Jenny Faucher is the President and Founder of Managing Matters Inc. Canada’s Premier Event and Association Management Agency with offices in Toronto and Chicago. Jenny is a Forty Under 40® Award recipient from the Association Forum of Chicagoland and USAE News.

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