VIA Rail to offer increased train capacity in the Quebec-Windsor corridor

The number of departures offered by VIA Rail Canada (VIA Rail) between Ottawa – Montréal – Quebec City recently increased from 10 to 40 per week, with a new added feature: direct connections on weekends. These changes will enable VIA Rail to reduce average trip times in this market. The new, direct connections will make planning a round trip between Ottawa and Quebec City easier than ever before.

Between Ottawa and Toronto, the successful additional frequencies introduced last fall will remain in place. Customers will be offered a choice of six more departures per week compared to the summer 2015 schedule. This translates to a 15.9 per cent increase over last summer in the number of available seat miles.

Additionally, VIA Rail will make an additional westbound stop in Casselman from Monday to Friday which will allow travellers to arrive in Ottawa around 8:00 a.m. and make same-day return trips easier.

With summer just around the corner, VIA Rail will make several improvements to its Québec-Windsor corridor schedule so passengers can enjoy greater flexibility. Starting on June 1st, these changes came in the form of new direct trips between Ottawa and Quebec City, and a marked increase in train capacity in areas where demand is especially high during the summer season. VIA Rail is expecting a 5.7 per cent increase overall in the number of available seat miles for the next few months, compared to 2015.

“VIA Rail is proud to offer increased flexibility to travellers who plan to spend their vacation enjoying events around Ontario and Quebec this summer,” said Yves Desjardins-Siciliano, President and Chief Executive Officer of VIA Rail. “These changes reflect our willingness to act on every opportunity to improve our service offerings and increase traffic in the Corridor.”

Toronto – Montreal

The overall capacity for trips between Toronto and Montréal will increase by 4.7 per cent and trains running on Sundays will be able to carry 13.7 per cent more passengers.

Two new daily stops between Toronto and Oshawa have been added, bringing the number of departures in each direction to 12.

These improvements have resulted in schedule changes for several trains. Travellers who would like to know how these changes could affect their reservation should consult page

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