Top three ways to catch the eye (and budget) of every prospective event sponsor

Top three ways to catch the eye (and budget) of every prospective event sponsorWe’re all aware of the uncomfortable conversation that surrounds asking for money. It’s not fun; it’s awkward, and it often leads to disappointment. Why does it have to be that way? Why can’t it be fun, engaging and end with two happy parties? Here are a few steps to help balance your event budget and create raving sponsorship partners.

1. Open dialogue

Be up front, honest and sincere with your event partners. In this fast paced world that we live in where every minute matters, every email coming into our inbox must catch our eye, and every partnership is valued, there is no time to be wasted. So let`s cut to the chase – ask your sponsor what they want out of the partnership, what their values and goals are. Then turn the tables and offer your partner the opportunity to tell you exactly what they want from this sponsorship. Take this information back to the drawing board – along with their budget of course – and tailor a sponsorship that suits their needs but satisfies your budget.

2. Face time

If we`re being honest with each other, what is the #1 objective of every sponsor? It is to obtain the opportunity to showcase their brand, product or service to your vast network of attendees. Along with giving your partner logo placement and recognition, give them the opportunity to speak to your attendees. Whether it be a 15 minute talk about their new product or service, giving them the opportunity to introduce your keynote, or have them handing out drink tickets at your evening reception – every sponsor appreciates the time to be recognized.

3. Stand out, be different!

Don’t be afraid to make your event different! In fact, I highly recommend it. Step outside of the box; be creative and make a lasting impression. Most potential sponsors want their brand to be associated with something that will leave a lasting memory – whether you send your attendees on an afternoon of sponsored fun, brand their hotel guest room mirrors, personalize their pillow cases or simply give them unique and useful “swag” gift. Be different, be creative, and be memorable.

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