lists top 20 most popular domestic and international cities for Canadian travellers

Once again New York, Las Vegas and London, England held fast as the top three international destinations for Canadians travelling outside the country in 2015. And even though demand for European destinations increased, there was renewed passion by Canadians to travel to more exotic destinations, a trend evident in the latest Hotel Price Index.

“Canadians have an inherent sense of adventure and have always shown a great desire to experience new and different cultures,” says Taylor L. Cole, APR, travel expert for “We’re seeing that interest continuing to increase as Canadians seek out more authentic and experiential travel experiences to destinations rich in history and culture.”

Some of the biggest increases among the top 20 most popular international cities for Canadians were outside of North America. Bangkok, Tokyo and Hong Kong jumped five, four and three spots respectively, while in Europe, Amsterdam climbed four spots and Rome and Barcelona jumped a respectable two spots each.

Most popular international cities for Canadian travellers

City Country 2015 vs. 2014 Rank
 1 New York City United States No change
 2 Las Vegas United States No change
 3 London United Kingdom No change
 4 Paris France +1
 5 Orlando United States -1
 6 San Francisco United States +3
 7 Chicago United States -1
 8 Los Angeles United States No change
 9 Rome Italy +2
10 Seattle United States -3
 11 San Diego United States +1
 12 Hong Kong Japan +3
 13 Boston United States -3
 14 Barcelona Spain +2
 15 Tokyo Hong Kong +4
 16 Miami United States -2
 17 Newark United States -4
 18 Bangkok Thailand +5
 19 Washington United States -1
 20 Amsterdam Netherlands +4

Within our borders, the top three most visited cities by Canadians remained the same. No surprise that Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver ranked at the top of the list once again. Edmonton and Calgary held fast at numbers four and five respectively and a couple of surprises as Kingston jumped two spots while Regina, Halifax, Winnipeg and Ottawa all moved up one in the rankings.

Most popular domestic cities for Canadian travellers

City        Province 2015 vs. 2014 Rank
 1 Toronto Ontario No change
 2 Montreal Quebec No change
 3 Vancouver British Columbia No change
 4 Edmonton Alberta No change
 5 Calgary Alberta No change
 6 Ottawa Ontario +1
 7 Niagara Falls Ontario -1
 8 Quebec Quebec No change
 9 Winnipeg Manitoba +1
 10 Victoria British Columbia -1
 11 Banff Alberta No change
 12 Saskatoon Saskatchewan No change
 13 London Ontario No change
 14 Halifax Nova Scotia +1
 15 Whistler British Columbia -1
 16 Regina Saskatchewan +1
 17 Kelowna British Columbia -1
 18 Kingston Ontario +2
 19 Kamloops British Columbia No change
 20 Canmore Alberta -2


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