Top seven benefits of working with a Convention and Visitors Bureau


When working with meetings industry organizations, it has surprised me how little corporate meeting and event planners usually take advantage of the services offered by tourism offices – a.k.a. Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVBs) or Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs). Even planners who organize multiple events and have relationships with large hotel companies through a national or global sales office tend overlook the benefits of working with a destination CVB.

Top seven benefits of working with a Convention and Visitors Bureau

Here are the top seven reasons why you should consider starting your site search with the CVB for the destination(s) you are looking for:

  • CVBs can act as your one point of contact to distribute your Request for Proposal to all their members. Instead of getting contacted by 10 different hotel reps, your CVB rep will act as your liaison.
  • It is the CVB reps’ job to know their city or destination best.  They can help you find that “special” venue that will reinforce your meeting’s objectives and make your event truly memorable.
  • When your event is not as “attractive” for a hotel – perhaps because it is very space-intensive versus the total number of rooms – your CVB rep can be your advocate and explain the overall value of your event in terms of profile for the destination, future business, etc.
  • When you need to see a destination before you make your selection, your CVB can help with expenses – most have budgets for site inspections by qualified buyers.
  • For larger events, many CVBs have coordinators to provide housing bureau services.  This may include steering delegates to the right hotel room block, answering questions about leisure activities for the delegate’s family, etc.
  • Even if you have a smaller meeting and you are only bringing in employees from other locations, CVBs will provide you with electronic and hard copy materials to help heighten excitement and promote the event.
  • But the very top reason for working with CVBs is that their services are FREE.  It’s their job to promote their destination, and you reap the benefits!

Convention and Visitor Bureaus love to work with corporate meeting and event planners for large and small events. Make them part of your team!

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