Sustainability is an F-word

You’d be within your rights if, as an event professional, you were feeling a bit Fatigued with the idea of “green events” and “event sustainability”. I mean it’s been at least 10 years of money saving tips, volunteer kit-making, recycling … Continue reading

Ten green event hacks

Some green event practices are challenging, but these 10 short-cuts help you hack your way to less waste, easier logistics, and may even save a little money! 1. Holder-free badges. I’d love to host a hack-your-badge-athon to design an eco-friendly, … Continue reading

Progress before perfection

Small footsteps keep us moving forward Fear is a powerful thing: Fear that we will fail. Fear that someone will judge us unfairly. Fear holds us back. Stepping off the ledge and embracing the concept of sustainable meetings and events … Continue reading

In my expert opinion…

Did that headline encourage your eyebrows to rise ever so slightly…or perhaps cause an eye roll? Are you thinking, “Pfft! How dare she call herself an expert!” An expert is defined as: A person who has a comprehensive and authoritative … Continue reading